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Case 1

Patient operated mestizo nose rhinoplasty or nose surgery in Bogota, Colombia by Dr. Escobar, Facial Plastic Surgeon. the nasal hump support the nasal tip corrected and improved

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Case 2

Patient surgery rhinoplasty or nose surgery and chin augmentation or chin surgery in Bogota, Colombia by Dr. Escobar facial plastic surgeon.


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Case 3

Afro-American Rhinoplasty performed in Bogota, Colombia  by Dr. Paulo Andrés Escobar, Facial Plastic Surgeon,. This male patient desired a natural result...


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Case 4

Rhinoplasty, chin implant and buccal fat removal procedures performed by Dr. Escobar, Facial plastic surgeon, in Bogota, Colombia. Before and after pictures show harmonious and natural results with an improvement of the patient's profile and a more balanced facial volumes...


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Case 5

Rhinoplasty performed in Bogotá, Colombia by Dr. Paulo Andrés Escobar in a patient with nasal hump, weak cartilages and think skin. The patient's profile was improved upon correcting the nasal hump and reconsdivucting the cartilaginous sdivucture of the nasal tip...