What is a Fat Transfer?

The facial Lipo Injection or fat transfer is a procedure that consists of extracting fatty cells from an individual's own body fat through liposuction, and after a special purification process, inject these cells in areas of the face that have lost fatty tissue.

How is facial Lipo Injection performed?

The fat that is used for the Lipo Injection is obtained through liposuction of the abdominal area, specifically the periumbilical area (the area that surrounds the navel). After its extraction, the fat is centrifuged to obtain pure fat cells.

Then Dr. Paulo A. Escobar Specialist in Fat transfer in Bogota Colombia, will inject this fat in the areas to be treated, fundamentally the cheekbones and nasolabial folds. But it is important to understand that it is not only a matter of injecting fat, it is using the fat to carve the face, giving a completely natural appearance and not a face in the shape of ball. The surgery does not last more than an hour, and the recovery is very fast.

can be achieved with the Lipo Injection?

The facial Lipo Injection is one of the best alternatives to increase facial volume in the cases in which part of the fatty tissue has been lost. It is usual for part of the existing fat in the face to disappear with the aging process. This fat is important at the moment of defining the face, and will therefore be an important element to look young. With the fat transfer we will be able to replace that volume that has been disappearing with time. But we will also be able to use this technique in people who are still young but wish to have greater volume in some areas of the face.

What Are the Long-Term Results

The long-term results of the graft will depend, in great measure, of the technique used to extract and inject the fatty graft. With the technique used by Dr. Paulo A. Escobar, the graft will remain without variations for many years, giving a very natural and rejuvenated aspect to your face.

Alone or Combined?

This surgery is normally performed as a complement to other rejuvenation surgeries, and it can also be combined with a rhinoplasty or a mentoplasty. This way you will improve your facial volumes, which are so important to obtain a balanced and more beautiful face.