What can I achieve with a blepharoplasty or eyelids surgery?

Hodding or sagging eyelids and bags under the eyes make a person look older, giving an appearance of constant exhaustion. The objective of the blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery, is to manage to refresh the appearance of the face by rejuvenating and reaffirming the tissues of this area. It removes the excess of fat, muscle and skin from the upper and lower eyelids.

Before the blepharoplasty

An adequate diagnosis in consultation is indispensable to determine if you are a blepharoplasty candidate. In the pre-surgical interviews, Dr. Paulo A. Escobar Facial Plastic Surgeon In Bogota, Colombia will explain the real expectations that you should have of the intervention, evaluating factors such as age, skin type and how compromised the eyelids are.

is a blepharoplasty like

The blepharoplasty or eye lid surgery is often performed as a single procedure that is limited to resecting the excess skin from the upper eyelids and resecting or removing the excess of the fat bags from the lower eyelids, which are the ones that give you that tired expression that patients have before getting the surgery. The surgery can be performed under general anesthesia or under local anesthesia and sedation.

Dr. Paulo A. Escobar as eyelid surgery specialist in Bogota Colombia, will help you to obtain a long lasting improvement in your look.

To Avoid Complications

As well as in every facial plastic every surgery, it is not only a matter of removing skin or fat, but it is also very important to reconstruct the structures that we have touched during the surgery. It is on this point, in the reconstruction, where the post-surgical complications appear. These complications, that can actually affect the normal functionality of the eye, can be avoided by having a good facial plastic surgery specialist using reliable techniques.

Sometimes a Blepharoplasty Is Not Enough

Another point to keep in mind is that, in some cases, a blepharoplasty will not be enough to obtain a fresh and rested look. At times we must add a brow lift, or an endoscopic frontoplasty. Due to the passing of time, the position of the eyebrows descends and produces a series of alterations in the muscles of the forehead and eyelids. It is important to determine if the problem is if the dropped eyebrow, or if there is an excess of skin on the lids, or if there is a situation in which both problems exist.