First Consultation

Have you ever been so captivated by someone’s beauty, but couldn’t pinpoint why?

There wasn’t anything particularly “exotic” about them...

Yet their face was so attractive that you couldn’t keep your eyes off of them.

Here's why:

Human beauty is defined by the Golden Ratio.

In other words, the angles and ratios of your face all play a role in making you look naturally beautiful. That’s why measuring the angles, ratios and proportions of your unique face is the first step of your initial consultation.

Step 1
Reveal Your Hidden Potential

During your first consultation, Dr. Escobar takes out his protractor and ruler to measure your face with laser-like precision. His mathematical approach is unique among many cosmetic surgeons who simply “wing it” during surgery. No matter how many decades of experience a surgeon has, measurements are required to achieve maximum accuracy and reliable results. Perhaps this is why Dr. Escobar is a top-rated Facial Plastic Surgeon in Colombia.

Step 2
Computer Simulation

Using these precise calculations, Dr. Escobar will create a fully customized “blueprint” that will reveal the beautiful and natural results you can expect after your surgery. Often, seeing your expected “after” photo on the computer screen erases your worries and eliminates pre-surgery anxiety.

You will also receive a digital copy of your computer simulated images after your consultation. These computer simulation images are included in the cost of your first one-on-one consultation.

Step 3
Get Answers to Your Questions and Concerns

Naturally, you have a host of questions, concerns and doubts that you would like to share. Unlike most surgeons who offer fast 20-minute consultations, Dr. Escobar will sit with you unhurried for 90 minutes to shed light on all of your concerns and questions so you can move forward with confidence and ease.

Whether you are getting a chin implant or rhinoplasty in Colombia, Dr. Escobar’s top priority is helping you get the results you are looking for. And that can only be done by paying close attention to your needs.

Be sure to bring a list of your questions before your first consultation so you get all of your questions answered.

Step 4
Cost Calculation

Let’s face it, the cost of the surgery is a vital component to the decision making process.

Dr. Escobar will provide you with the total cost of your surgery with full transparency so there are never any surprises or hidden fees.