Open or closed rhinoplasty?

At the moment performing a rhinoplasty, there are two main types of techniques: the open and the closed rhinoplasty.

The sun in the rhinoplasty

There are some things that you should keep in mind after a rhinoplasty so that your recovery is as quick as possible, and one of them is the exposure to the sun. Solar radiation will affect your recovery in two ways: the first one is that it causes heat, and the second is that its UVA rays pigment t


You are going to get surgery, and there is something that I believe is important for you to know about the swelling WHAT IS SWELLING? It is your body's reaction to the surgery's aggression. Swelling is, in fact, somewhat necessary for any injury or trauma to be cured.

Racially mixed nose

The racially mixed nose is defined as the nose that results from the combination of races that has happened mainly in Latin America. The racially mixed nose will therefore have the characteristics of the african-american, native, and white nose in greater or lesser degree, according to the degree of

Difficult rhinoplasty

There are highly difficult rhinoplasty cases. They tend to be cases with several prior surgeries. A nose that is in a bad condition, with previous surgeries, will normally show that the reconstruction needs an expert surgeon and a technique that is capable of solving what was not possible previously