Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Excessively large or protruding ears can often be a source of embarrassment or self-consciousness, especially for children who are subject to the cruelty of bullying as a result of this prominent feature. Over time, this ridicule can contribute to low self-esteem, social anxiety or poor self-image regardless of your age. Fortunately, cosmetic ear surgery at EscobarMD Facial Plastic Surgery can bring symmetry to the ears and face for children and adults who are troubled by the appearance of their ears. Whether you wish to correct deformities, asymmetry, drooping or disproportionately sized earlobes, Dr. Paulo Escobar is an award-winning facial plastic surgeon who can help restore the function and appearance of your ears to enhance your natural beauty.

What is Ear Surgery?

Cosmetic ear surgery, or otoplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to modify the shape, size and position of the ears to allow them to complement your overall appearance better. Otoplasty surgery can also be used to correct defects within the ears' structure that are present at birth or that develop throughout a patient's life. The surgery can also address misshapen ears caused by an injury or correct unsatisfactory results from prior ear surgery.

An otoplasty procedure creates a more natural ear shape while restoring balance and proportion of the ears and face. Even minor corrections to the ears can provide a significant improvement to your appearance, along with your self-esteem. If disfigured or protruding ears are causing distress to you or your child, cosmetic ear surgery can effectively address your concerns and enhance your quality of life for years to come.

Who is
a candidate for ear surgery?

For adult patients, ideal candidates are those who are in good overall health, are nonsmokers and have realistic expectations for what this procedure can accomplish for them. For children, there are a few more factors that need to be considered when establishing their candidacy. Otoplasty can usually not be performed until a child's ears have fully stopped developing, typically around the age of five or six. The surgery is not a necessity unless the child indicates they are unhappy with their appearance or are experiencing psychological distress.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Paulo A. Escobar will determine whether otoplasty will be beneficial for you or your child's concerns as well as the best techniques for the procedure. Cosmetic ear surgery can offer a range of corrections for your distinct needs, including:

  • Pinning back protruding ears
  • Reducing or increasing the size of disproportionate ears
  • Improving asymmetry between ears that are uneven
  • Improving deformities from birth or caused by injury
  • Revising unsatisfactory results from previous ear surgery

How is Ear Surgery Performed?

Ear surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and, in most cases, takes about two hours to complete. Any additional cosmetic procedures performed in conjunction with ear surgery for adults will increase the total surgery and recovery time. The specific technique Dr. Paulo A. Escobar will use on your ears will vary by the concerns you wish to have corrected.

Ear pinning procedures are among the most commonly requested forms of otoplasty. During your operation, general or local anesthesia will be administered to ensure your comfort throughout your treatment. After creating inconspicuous incisions, Dr. Paulo A. Escobar can sculpt the cartilage into a more pleasing size and shape as needed, and bend the cartilage so that it is even with the head to secure the ears into a more unobtrusive position. Some techniques require the removal of ear cartilage, while others will reshape the ear while leaving the cartilage intact. Stitches will then be used to close the incisions and help the ear maintain its new position.

Your Ear Surgery Results

After your ear surgery, you can expect to experience some discomfort and side effects like swelling and bruising; however, these symptoms are generally mild in nature and can be managed with pain medications. It is recommended that you follow any aftercare instructions provided to improve your recovery experience, such as sleeping with an elastic band that holds the position of the ears while they heal. Most adults and children can comfortably return to work or school after about one week of downtime. However, children may need additional care or supervision during this time to ensure they heal properly. Stitches will also be removed after about a week of recovery, and Dr. Paulo A. Escobar will make sure you are healing as expected at each follow-up appointment.

Cosmetic ear surgery is a highly rewarding experience with an exceptionally high satisfaction rate from patients. The results of otoplasty procedures can last for a lifetime, provided that there is no trauma or injury to your ears that affects their improved shape or position. Children and adults alike can experience increased self-confidence and self-image thanks to their enhanced natural beauty.

To learn more about cosmetic ear surgery and whether it is right for you, contact EscobarMD Facial Plastic Surgery today at +57 1 381 95 58 to schedule your one-on-one consultation.