It’s common for the earlobes to become stretched and damaged, appearing as though they’re beyond repair because of gauges or heavy earrings. You may have earlobes that are misshapen because of this, which prevents you from wearing your favorite pair of earrings or trying out short hairstyles that expose your ears. Thankfully, it’s possible to correct your earlobes, reshaping them into a more aesthetically pleasing form, with the help of earlobe repair surgery.

Dr. Paulo Escobar of EscobarMD Facial Plastic Surgery in Bogota, Colombia, is an exceptional facial plastic surgeon who can successfully correct your earlobes, allowing you to wear jewelry and show off your ears again confidently. If you’re interested in scheduling an earlobe repair surgery consultation, please contact us at +57 1 831 95 58 or visit our contact page

Who Is Earlobe Repair Surgery for?

The earlobes are among the most fragile parts of your body because they’re composed of only skin and fat. When weight is applied to them, they can easily stretch or tear. In some cases, earlobes can repair themselves naturally, but how they heal may be unappealing. It’s recommended to have medical intervention if your earlobes have been stretched or torn to ensure they remain flattering to your natural features.

Earlobe repair surgery, also known as lobuloplasty, is an excellent treatment if your earlobes are stretched due to gauges or heavy earrings. The treatment is also perfect if you’ve experienced a split earlobe. Whether your earlobes were stretched unintentionally because of heavy earrings worn over the years or intentionally stretched because of ‘gauging,’ earlobe repair surgery could be right for you.

What Is the Recovery Process for Earlobe Repair Surgery?

Earlobe repair surgery often results in minimal swelling and pain, so you will be able to return to normal activities right away. Your results will be fully healed in approximately six to eight weeks. Some small earrings can be worn immediately, but you should take precautions when wearing heavy earrings in the future because your earlobes will be weaker following repair.

Your earlobes are delicate and can easily become stretched or torn if they are not cared for properly. With earlobe repair surgery, you can restore them to a natural, attractive look that removes limitations on what you wear, how you style your hair and your confidence.

What Does Earlobe Repair Surgery Involve?

Earlobe repair surgery is a relatively simple procedure performed in Dr. Escobar’s office under local anesthesia. Typically, the process lasts between 15 minutes and one hour. The treatment involves cleanly cutting the edges of the stretched or torn earlobe and suturing it together, conforming it to a new shape. If your lobes are stretched due to a gauge piercing, tissues will need to be removed horizontally and vertically inside the hole, allowing Dr. Escobar to reshape the lobe into a more natural appearance.

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