What is a Septoplasty?

The septoplasty is the surgery that corrects the shape or position alteration of the septum.

This structure is made up of cartilage and bone, dividing both nostrils. If this septum is obstructed due to a trauma or congenital causes, this means that the passing of air through the nostrils will be obstructed. it will be necessary to perform a surgery to restore an adequate airflow. This is what is known as a septoplasty. Dr. Paulo A. Escobar as ENT specialist in Bogota, Colombia performs a special technique that avoid nasal packing.

Can it be combined with a Rhinoplasty?

When performing an aesthetic nasal surgery, it is always important to revise the functional aspect. If the breathing is not well, and the cause is an alteration in the nasal septum, it will be necessary, and even mandatory, to do a septoplasty in addition to a rhinoplasty. The combination of both surgeries is called a septorhinoplasty.It is often also necessary to work on the septum to extract grafts that are needed to solve nasal esthetic defects.Therefore, it would be recommendable to check the septum in every rhinoplasty to ensure adequate breathing and to obtain any necessary grafts.

it must only be performed by a specialist in Nasal Surgery.

If the doctor does not master this basic technique of nasal surgery, the results will not be the best. A nose surgeon knowing how to perform a septoplasty is like a child knowing how to crawl....if you don't know how to perform a septoplasty, you will very probably not know how to perform a rhinoplasty with good aesthetic and functional results.This is the reason for which Dr. Paulo A. Escobar, being a facial plastic surgeon as well as an otolaryngologist, is the ideal surgeon to perform a rhinoplasty or septoplasty in Bogota, Colombia

Without nasal packing

Another thing that you should know is that if you only need a septoplasty the recovery is very fast, and even faster with the technique that Dr. Paulo A. Escobar uses, in which nasal package is not needed. Five to seven days later, you will be in optimum conditions to restart your usual activities and you will be breathing adequately.