plasmaricoplaquetasMany treatments have appeared in recent years that promise to fight against wrinkles, some of which have proven to be more effective than others.

One of the most revolutionary methods that have been developed to fight the passing of time on our face is the use of the growth factors from human blood. Without using many medical terms, I will tell you that growth factors are elements produced among others cells by the existing platelets in human blood.

These factors promote the growth of collagen and other substances that give support and elasticity to the skin, working from the inside towards the outside.

Therefore this method avoids using substances that are not compatible with our skin, or fillings that are reabsorbed in time or can leave irregularities.

With the use of blood, from which the platelets are obtained, the method is called "Vampire Facelift" or "Vampire Lifting". 

The treatment requires less than 30 minutes, it does not require going into an operating room, and after applying the product the patient can return to their normal activity in very little time. Only extracting a small amount of blood (9cc), and after a centrifuge process, we will obtain the amount of platelets necessary that will be injected in the areas to be treated after a special treatment. Once injected, they will begin to release growth factors that will stimulate the synthesis of collagen. The start of this synthesis will last several weeks after the application of the platelets, obtaining more natural results than with traditional fillings.

Likewise, this method can be used to improve the results and postop of facial plastic surgeries such as the facelift or rhytidoplasty, the facial Lipo Injection or even the rhinoplasty. Having a beneficial effect on the swelling of the operated area, the recovery will be faster and it will also avoid the reabsorption in the case of grafts.