The physical characteristic that probably makes a facial plastic surgery the most necessary is having prominent ears. Children are the most suitable candidates for an otoplasty or ear surgery when they have alterations in the ears, because they tend to suffer the cruelty their schoolmates.

This surgery can be performed at any moment, once the ears have finished growing, usually at five or six years of age. Even in cases where the ears have a small alteration, this condition can make the child shy and hinder his/her adaptation to school.

When we talk about an otoplasty, the general recommendation is that once the cartilages have finished growing, the faster the surgery is performed, the better.


Adults can also benefit from this procedure, improving their self-esteem. Adults frequently choose this surgery along with other facial plastic surgery procedures.


It is not only possible to "stick the ears to the back", but they can also be shaped. There are several techniques that can solve this problem, but just like any surgery that needs aesthetic results, the ability and criteria of the surgeon will be key to successfully develop the most adequate technique for the case.

Dr. Escobar as a specialist in Ear Surgery or Otoplasty in Bogota, Colombia will perform a technique that will be able to guarantee the long-term stability of the results.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that the patient should be aware that both ears will never be the same, and that what is important is to obtain natural results that are far from looking artificial.

The recovery of the surgery is fast, with barely any pain, and you will usually be able to restart your normal activities in less than a week, without having any visible scars.

It is usually recommended to follow some medical advice to improve your recovery, such as sleeping with an elastic band that holds the position of the ears while they heal, and of course going to the checkups with Dr. Escobar so that the results are the best possible.