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If it is your face you are talking about, choose a facial plastic surgery specialist in Bogotá, Colombia. Rely on Dr. Escobar, and get a different and unique concept in medical attention, where you are what is most important.


As a specialist in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Escobar knows how important your face is. Think that it is the only part of your body that you cannot hide. Being a face specialist, Dr. Escobar can tend to your specific needs, aesthetic as well as functional, to obtain completely natural results after your rhinoplasty or rejuvenation procedures.


Dr. Escobar will be with you every step of the way solving your doubts, giving you advice on choosing the best options to treat your case, and above all giving you a completely personalized treatment so that your experience is always positive and the results of your surgery in Colombia are optimal.  Note that Dr. Escobar is the only one that will perform your surgery and follow-ups.


Always thinking about your safety and comfort, all the surgeries are performed in health centers that comply with the most rigorous safety regulations. Also Dr. Escobar only uses medical supplies which meet with the highest quality standards.

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