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One of the most important points of any facial plastic surgery procedure is the first consultation with the specialist.

During the first consultation, Dr. Escobar Facial Plastic Surgeon in Bogotá, Colombia will perform a complete and detailed assessment of your case, thoroughly explaining the procedure that you wish to get.

Dr. Escobar always recommends the patient to write a list with all the doubts that he can have in regards to the procedure of interest before the first appointment.

After this first appointment, if Dr. Escobar considers that you are a candidate for a facial plastic surgery procedure in Bogotá, he will calculate a budget and a personalized simulation of the results to be obtained.


In every case Dr. Escobar will perform a precise study of your face and, supported on special software, he will be able to plan with great precision all the necessary changes for your case.

You will also participate in the entire process, so that the results will be very close to your wishes. Likewise, Dr. Escobar offers you his criteria and professional experience, giving you advise on the different treatment options that are the most adequate for your case.



Note that every surgery and procedure is performed personally by Dr. Escobar, Facial Plastic Surgeon, and during the entire process he will accompany you so that your experience and final results are satisfactory. Note that Dr. Escobar is the only one that will perform your surgery and follow-ups.


The financial aspect is an important factor to keep in mind at the moment of planning any facial plastic surgery procedure. As a future patient of Dr. Escobar, you should know that the first consultation has a cost that must be paid once it is over. The computer study of your images is also included in the cost. To be able to determine the budget in your case, it is important for Dr. Escobar to diagnose your case during the first consultation. Based on that, Dr. Escobar will be able to estimate the expenses that your procedure would involve.

If you are interested in having a personalized assessment of your case, set up a personal consultation with Dr. Escobar now.


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