Tuesday, 07 July 2015

The rhinoplasty, as well as the other facial plastic surgeries, was traditionally considered as something that was only for women. Fortunately the world has been changing a lot, and men are currently interested in improving their image, being conscious of the fact that a better aspect will result in greater confidence and more possibilities of success in their personal and professional life.

As for the rhinoplasty, a man has some typical facial proportions, which are what define their face as a male face. For this reason, the changes that we must perform in a man will be, logically, different than those in a woman.

Usually men who consult for a rhinoplasty do it because they have a nasal hump, a fallen tip or a wide nasal base, without forgetting functional problems, such as a septal deviation or a nose deviation. The latter are commonly produced by nasal traumas, which are more frequent in young men.

Although in the case of men the rhinoplasty is usually a reduction surgery, which means that we have to remove instead of add, we must always be more conservative than in the case of women, especially in regards to the position of the tip and the height of the profile.

A man should have a nasolabial angle of around 90º, which will always be smaller than that of a woman. What this angle measures is the inclination of the tip with regards to the lip. For a better understanding, if the nose is more or less upturned (the greater the angle, the more upturned the nose tip).

It is not acceptable for a man to have either a very small nose, or a very narrow tip, or a very low profile, because the appearance will otherwise stop being natural and male.

Due to all the reasons stated above, the approach of a rhinoplasty in men requires planning and techniques that are specific to their characteristics; that at the same time enable us to obtain results that are male-looking and natural and that are stable in time, and guarantee a good breathing function.

All in all, if you are thinking about a rhinoplasty for man in Bogotá or Madrid, keep in mind that Dr. Escobar can offer you conservative results that are adapted to your physical characteristics.

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